Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nepal: Catwalk Cat Charged with Trafficking

KATHMANDU, NEPAL - Anita Nakarmi wanted to be a professional beautician. To pursue this dream of hers, she sold her beauty parlour in Kathmandu and boarded a flight to Singapore to enroll in a beautician course there.

Nakarmi paid Rs. 800,000 to Ramita Bhandari, a model-turned-dancer who happened to be her relative, hoping that she would get herself admitted to a prestigious beautician training school in Singapore.

Nakarmi's dreams were shattered when she found out that she was instead taken there to work in dance restaurants and brothels.

“Bhandari started forcing me to work in a dance restaurant,” Nakarmi said. “When I refused, she started misbehaving with me.”

“I had never thought Bhandari, who is my close relative, will do such a thing to me. Many other Nepali girls are trapped there,” Nakarmi said. She found that Bhandari was a member of a trafficking racket whose job was to lure Nepali girls to Singapore and then force them into prostitution.

Bhandari and her associates, who are also said to be into prostitution, used to get commission from owners of the dance bars and brothels.


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