Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CD Exclusive: Interview with Photographer, Mimi Chakarova

Mimi Chakarova is a Bulgarian-born photographer who has traveled the world in an effort to give a face and a voice to the silent victims of sex trafficking. She teaches photography at the University of California Berkeley, and is currently touring her exhibit The Price of Sex - an eye-opening, multimedia presentation in which sex trafficking victims from Moldova and Albania tell their stories.

Mimi recently participated in an email interview with Captive Daughters' Sarah Gonzales, in which she explains how she gains access to trafficking victims, relates things she has learned in her travels and addresses misconceptions commonly held about sex trafficking.


1 comment:

  1. I really like what you're doing ... please keep it up!

    Captive Daughters was the first organization I became familiar with when I started my quest for knowledge on the crime we know as human trafficking.

    I am also a fan of Ms Chakarova. I look fwd to posting a spread on her soon. Is it possible for me to use a portion of your 'email interview' with her in this future spread?

    Thanks again for standing when its not popular.