Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Captive Daughters Co-Sponsors Premiere of 'Victory Day' Film in Los Angeles

Captive Daughters has teamed up with New Media International to promote their new feature-length film, Victory Day. Purchase your tickets (info below) from and you will be supporting our non-profit, as well as supporting independent film!

PREMIERE: The movie will premiere in Los Angeles, California, at Laemmle's Royal Theater on November 5 at 7:30pm. The gala premiere includes pre-screening champagne, caviar and gourmet Russian chocolates. The film will be followed by a Q&A with speakers, coffee, tea, cake and cognac. Tickets are $100 and are available for purchase at

SHOWINGS: From November 6 - 12, Victory Day will be shown at Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly HIlls with 27 shows over 7 days. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at


Steeped in intrigue and sabotage, VICTORY DAY is a one-of-a-kind achievement, a modern drama-thriller played out against the beautiful and brutal landscapes of Eastern Europe and Russia from the 1990's to the present.

Sam Cassels (Sean Ramsay), a firebrand journalist with a short fuse has just been expelled from Russia, the adopted homeland that he loves, for punching out the Minister of Finance at a press conference.

Retrenching in Prague, Cassels soon finds that his troubles are only just beginning as he discovers that a Russian Oligarch (Milan Kolik), a man, in Cassels' eyes, clearly guilty for the wars and economic ruin of his country, is unbelievably close at hand. Raging for retribution, exposing the Oligarch - Igralski (Kolik) who is yet unpunished and un-denounced, becomes a suicidal fixation.

Photographing a street prostitute (Natalie Shiyanova) being abused and beaten by sex-slave traffickers, Cassels is drawn deeper into a world entwined with the shadow of the Oligarch. Rescuing her brings the key to a mission that will push him to the very edge of sanity and revenge!

Shot in Russia, the Czech Republic and Australia, the producers of VICTORY DAY have created an aesthetically stunning window into the momentous jolting changes of modern insightful story that enchants as much as it reveals.

Directed by: Sean Ramsay
Screenplay by: Sean Ramsay, David Fellows, Tony Weston
Director of Photography: Eric Krambeck BKS

USA - 2009 - 99 minutes

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spain: Street Prostitution Sparks Debate

Police in Barcelona arresting a prostitute. (From El Pais)

MADRID, SPAIN - Press photographs of prostitutes plying their trade right out on the street have reignited a debate about the practice in Spain, where it has seen a rapid growth over the past 15 years. Traditionally perceived as relatively marginal, prostitution is increasingly seen as "normal", with ever younger men preferring to pay for sex rather than taking the trouble of trying to pick up girls.

Prostitution is again making headlines after the daily newspaper El Pais published pictures of prostitutes and their clients having sex on the street at night in a Barcelona tourist neighbourhood.

Barcelona had become increasingly lax in applying a 2006 municipal ordinance which stipulated fines of up to 750 euros (1,050 dollars) for sex workers or their clients, critics complain. The ordinance was aimed at eradicating such practices from central districts.

Associations representing local residents or the prostitutes themselves urged a legalization of the trade, describing it as the only way to guarantee prostitutes adequate working conditions.

The city, however, only deployed more police to chase the sex workers off the streets in the Raval neighbourhood...


Friday, September 18, 2009

Film: 'Fatal Promises' Now Playing in NYC

Documentary film, Fatal Promises, now playing at
Cinema Village in NYC, Sept 16-24

Fatal Promises is an in-depth and honest look into the scourge of Human Trafficking. Through personal stories of victims of trafficking and interviews with politicians, non-governmental organizations and activists, Fatal Promises cleverly juxtaposes the brutal realities of Human Trafficking suffered by victims and battled by activists, with the hollow rhetoric of politicians and pundits who claim to be making significant strides in combating this horrific crime against humanity.

"Fatal Promises" features interviews with Kevin Bales, Gloria Steinman, Emma Thompson and others.



Focus on Ireland: Underaged Teens Trafficked as Sex Workers

IRELAND - Young teens below the legal age of consent are being trafficked into Ireland for sexual exploitation, new figures show.

A cloak of invisibility now surrounds the sex trade, with criminals operating in a "hidden world" in which women are marketed over the internet, according to the support group Ruhama.

Ireland has become "firmly enmeshed in the global sex trade", the group, which aids women sexually exploited for commercial purposes, has warned.

It also fears more people may get involved in prostitution due to the downturn.

During 2007 and 2008, its newly published report stated there were 341 women directly assisted by the group, including 100 women trafficked into Ireland specifically for prostitution, the majority from Nigeria.

Six of the women were under the age of 18; some were as young as 15 at the time they were lured into prostitution...


Focus on Ireland: "I knew I had to do sexual things or they would kill me"

IRELAND - Christine did not know what sex was until one of her clients showed her. She was forced into street prostitution as a teenager by a family member.

"It was terrifying but I knew I had to do sexual things or they would have killed me," the Irish woman said. About a decade after she stopped working the streets, Christine went to Ruhama, a support group for prostitutes, for help as she was still suffering. She is one of the hundreds of women who seek the help of the organisation each year.

Ruhama, which is marking its 20th anniversary, launched its biennial report for 2007 and 2008 in Dublin yesterday.

Christine shared her success story along with advice to other women, as she now begins her final year of university studies and prepares to be married.

"I would say to anyone considering prostitution, do not do it. It affects your whole life and the sadness never goes away. If one feels they are being made to go into prostitution by a family member or a boyfriend, go to the police...


Focus on Ireland: Increase in Irishwomen Engaged in Street Vice

IRELAND - The number of Irish women engaging in on-street prostitution has "noticeably increased" in the past few months, according to the outreach organisation Ruhama.

Gerardine Rowley, spokeswoman for the organisation, which supports women working in prostitution, said the increase in on-street activity was probably attributable to the economic crisis.

"There has been an increase in this kind of prostitution, which is a new emerging issue, a factor of which may be increasing poverty."

At the publication yesterday of Ruhama's biennial report, which covers 2007 and 2008, there were also calls for the criminalisation of men who use prostitutes.

Ms Rowley said of the increase in street prostitution over past months: "We know from experience a significant factor leading women into prostitution can be poverty. Some women in dire financial trouble may see no other option."

Outreach workers were seeing some women back on the streets who had left prostitution in the 1990s. "We do have women who come to us struggling and saying, 'We don't want to go back but we have debts and the bills have to be paid'."

She also said the more desperate a woman was to make money, the more likely she was to engage in "high-risk behaviour".

"We know men put pressure on women for unprotected sex."

A significant proportion of the 341 women helped by Ruhama in the two years covered by the report had been trafficked here for prostitution. The greatest proportion are now coming from Africa, particularly Nigeria...


Focus on Ireland: Charity Reports Rise in Prostitution

Irish television ad produced by Ruhama, an Irish group that helps women affected by trafficking and prostitution

IRELAND - Ireland's underground sex industry is being fuelled by technology as vulnerable young women are forced to work as prostitutes from apartments, Ruhama said today.

The charity said it is harder to reach victims of the sex trade as criminals hold them captive in flats and houses all over the country.

Over the last two years 341 vulnerable women who have been forced into prostitution have been supported by Ruhama. Volunteers believe that number is just the tip of the iceberg, with hundreds more trapped in covert underground operations.

Director of Ruhama Kathleen Fahy said ten years ago prostitution was very visible on the streets of Dublin.

"Today we are dealing with a predominantly indoor and more covert sex trade," said Ms Fahy. "Many women involved in prostitution are controlled by criminals. They are beaten, afraid and see no way out. These criminals now operate in a hidden world and use modern technology to control and market the women."

In its biennial report for 2007-2008, Ruhama revealed 100 women it helped were victims of trafficking, the majority from Nigeria. Six of those were aged under 18 years when they were brought in to Ireland and forced to have sex with men...


Middle East: Women as Sex Slaves in United Arab Emirates (Video from Al Jazeera)

Uzbek Human Trafficking - Women - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

UN: Economic Crisis May Boost Sex Trafficking

A U.N. report says human trafficking is thriving because its root causes are not addressed enough.

UNITED NATIONS - Human trafficking is likely to escalate because the global economic crisis has fueled its major causes -- poverty, youth unemployment, gender inequality and the demand for cheap labor, the U.N. investigator on trafficking said Thursday.

In a report to the General Assembly, Joy Ngozi Ezeilo expressed "concern that trafficking continues to thrive'' because these root causes are not being sufficiently addressed and "potential victims become more desperate to escape their unfavorable situations.''

Ezeilo, a human rights lawyer and professor at the University of Nigeria who was appointed by the Geneva-based Human Rights Council job in August 2008, also expressed concern that trafficking victims are sometimes deported "without a sufficient period for recovery and reflection.''

People who are trafficked should not be detained, charged, prosecuted or summarily deported, she stressed...


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cambodia: US Charges 3 Sex Tourists With Abusing Children

Two of the accused men, above

They are the first to be charged under an international law-enforcement operation that targets U.S. citizens who travel to Cambodia for illicit sex. They could face 30 years in jail for each victim.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Three American men who are suspected of traveling to Cambodia to molest children have been charged in federal court as part of a new initiative aimed at cracking down on the child sex tourism business there, authorities said Monday.

Ronald Gerard Boyajian, 49, of Menlo Park, Calif.; Erik Leonardus Peeters, 41, of Norwalk; and Jack Louis Sporich, 75, formerly of Santa Monica and currently living in Sedona, Ariz., were arrested by Cambodian police in February, authorities said. They were recently expelled from the country and arrived Monday at LAX in the custody of U.S. immigration officials.

The three men, all previously convicted of sex offenses in the United States, were charged here in absentia earlier this year with traveling overseas for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with minors, a charge that could bring up to 30 years per victim, authorities said.

They are the first to be charged under an international law-enforcement operation dubbed "Twisted Traveler," specifically targeting American sex offenders who travel to Cambodia, a country that one U.S. immigration official said was "the world's ground zero for child sex tourists."

"These types of cases are disturbing not only because young, defenseless children were victimized in unspeakable ways," U.S. Atty. Thomas O'Brien said at a news conference Monday. "But also because the defendants went to such lengths to engage in their dark activities overseas."...