Monday, March 2, 2009

UK: Sordid World of Sex Slavery

UNITED KINGDOM - As six people are jailed for 17-and-a-half years for their part in sex trafficking, Carl Eve takes a look behind the door of their brothel.

THE brothel in Gascoyne Place operated on a 24-hour basis as a 'massage parlour' which advertised "Asian Dolls" and "Asian Touch".

The victim – a 29-year-old mother-of-two whom The Herald is calling "Sue" to protect her identity – had been forced to service up to 10 men a day in the St Jude's flat.

She had been in the city for a week before being told she was to be moved to another unknown city to continue her work.

Ordered to service one more man before she left, she took a risk and begged the client – a Danish man known in court as Mr K – to rescue her using a mixture of Thai and sign language to explain she had been trafficked into prostitution.

He had left, spoke to his ex-wife who he was visiting in Plymouth and together they hatched a plan. He called back the next day, claimed he was a police officer and grabbed the woman. He and his ex-wife then used a electronic translation machine, typing in the question "prisoner?" which when shown in Thai caused Sue to break down sobbing.

Judge Gilbert said Mr K's conduct was to be "highly commended" and investigators said it was his bravery which not only saw Sue freed from sexual slavery, but also lit the fuse which saw those involved in the evil trade brought to justice.

The story Sue told was amended over time as she became more trusting of British police and realised they were deadly serious in their desire to catch those responsible, prepared even to travel to her home country and liaise with the Royal Thai Police...


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