Monday, December 8, 2008

Uganda: MP Praises New Trafficking Bill

UGANDA - The chairperson of the parliamentary Forum for Children Ruth Tuma has praised the new bill on child trafficking saying that it will help reduce the practice in the country which has caused enormous suffering to children and women.

The recent UN report indicated that women and children are trafficked out of the country to developed countries like USA, UK and Canada and neighboring countries like Sudan, Kenya for sex and child labor.

Speaking at parliament today, Tuma said that the bill has been long overdue and it will help to ensure the safety of women and children.

She appealed to the government to start sensitizing people on the dangers of the practice at the grass root level so as to increase their vigilance in reporting cases of people involved in such bad practices.

The bill was tabled this week in parliament. If passed it will now make it hard for people to sell other people especially children and women for sex and child labor.

In Karamoja children and women have been openly sold in cow markets to people who want to use them as sex workers and child laborers.

This follows intense lobbying by child and women activists who have been appealing for a proper legislation to ensure the elimination of the practice.


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