Monday, December 8, 2008

Botswana: Phikwe Suffocating Under Volcanic Sex Trade

SELEBI-PHIKWE, BOTSWANA - The sun has set and in the distant horizon, a spectacular glow provides a breathtaking view. Weary figures trudge along Botswana Road while vehicles roar past. The day has gone, as darkness replaces sunlight. The evening has set; a normal evening on a brisk Friday as the month winds away.

As darkness slowly engulfs the area, the number of figures heading into town dwindles significantly. Actually, it is reduced to a trickle. However, some figures pace up and down the street. The motive is not clear as they slowly become a permanent feature on this road.

A closer look unmasks young female figures, their conversation hardly inspires hope. An approaching vehicle seemingly brings hope to the scantily dressed figures. To some who walk this 'innocent' road, it is just a passing vehicle, but to the desperate figures, the sound of a vehicle brings with it hope. This is probably where the next meal will come from.

The women who ply their trade on this street are hungry. Driven by a desire to escape grinding poverty, the young women are forced to give away their bodies. Commercial sex or prostitution is widely regarded as the world's oldest profession. Despite the advent of the deadly HIV/AIDS pandemic, commercial sex continues to thrive the world over...


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