Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bulgaria: Among Leaders in Child Trafficking

PLOVDIV, BULGARIA - Bulgaria is among the leading countries in Europe with regard to victims of child and youth trafficking.

This was announced today during a seminar, organized by the National center “European Youth Programs”.

Leaders and volunteers from Bulgaria and abroad gathered in the Old town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, informs Radio Plovdiv.

There was a presentation of the program “Youth in action”, part of which is the prevention of young people's trafficking. The process affects poor people, Roma people and other marginalized groups – potential victims of the crime channels.

From the Bulgarian network for prevention of child and youth trafficking- Smolyan claimed that the first projects will target the school children. The aim of the program at this stage are not the victims of trafficking. The idea is young people to get involved and they to help their friends and the younger children...


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