Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nigeria: Curbing Child Sex Trafficking

NIGERIA - The act of child trafficking in Nigeria and West Africa in general, has become a common phenomenon, which involves young boys and girls on the average age of 15 years. Majority of them are girls. 60 to 80 per cent of them are sent to Italy for sex trade and the common route is the west coast of Nigeria to Mali, Morocco, Spain or west coast of Nigeria to Libya and Saudi Arabia. It has been estimated that about 15 million children are engaged in child labour in Nigeria and 40% of them are at the risk of being used for entertainment, pornography, armed conflict, rituals and forced labour.

It has been revealed that traffickers lure children to leave their homes promising them education and training abroad, though due to poverty some go willingly. Sometimes officials at borders and traffickers conspire to smuggle children out for selfish interest.

Ignorance and poverty are central reasons some parents allow their children to be taken away from them for menial jobs. Parents with large families also willingly give out their wards to strangers for money to enable them cater for the rest of the family...


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