Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spain: Romanian Prostitutes Turn in Spanish Police

COSLADA, SPAIN - Five Romanian prostitutes in Spain caused a genuine revolution in the locality of Coslada, near Madrid. The head of the local Police and 30 of his subordinates were arrested on Thursday night based on the women’s disclosures.

The investigators learnt from the prostitutes that the police officers in Coslada were involved in trafficking in human beings, in drugs and were also cashing protection fees. This is believed to be the largest-scale anti-corruption query in the local Spanish Police. The members of the mafia of the local Police force in Coslada were also obtaining free services from the Romanian prostitutes by pressure, threat and blackmail. The prostitutes even stated that the head of the local police and his acolytes were often organising parties and orgies in the city night clubs. Domiciliary searches found large amounts of money and unregistered firearms at the addressees of the arrested policemen. The Romanian prostitutes have been included to the witness protection programme, being given a new identity...


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