Thursday, May 1, 2008

Las Vegas: Clark County Judge Proposes Safe House for Underage Prostitutes

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - A Clark County judge wants to give underage prostitutes another chance.

Action News reporter Heather Klein explains details behind his plan.

It is no secret that money can buy a lot in Las Vegas, unfortunately girls as young as 11 and 12 years old are also for sale.

Now, a family court judge sick of seeing these kids in his court room has a plan that is two and a half years in the making.

They walk the streets of Las Vegas and most of them should be in a middle school classroom, not under the Las Vegas lights.

"It only takes that one 12 year old that comes through your court that has been pimped out for the last year and that is all the incentive anyone needs," explained Judge William Voy.

Incentive to build a $2 million house is the vision of family court Judge William Voy has.

"In juvenile court we are supposed to try and help kids," said Judge Voy.

Unfortunately, the only place to send these girls is juvenile detention centers.

But Judge Voy believes they are victims of pimps and sending them to lock up does nothing to help break the cycle.

"You may get them out of the game for a while but whenever an issue comes up or something goes wrong in their life they end up back in it," explained Judge Voy.

He wants to put them in a house that is secured by a wall and probation officers...


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