Thursday, May 15, 2008

LA: City Atty Seeks to Bar Figueroa Sex Trade

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - City attorney asks a judge to keep 36 convicted prostitutes and five known pimps from walking anywhere on a 5.7-mile stretch of Figueroa in South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo said Monday that he had asked a judge to bar 36 convicted prostitutes and five pimps from walking anywhere on a 5.7-mile stretch of Figueroa Street, part of a larger effort to crack down on a brazen sex trade in South Los Angeles.

Delgadillo's proposed injunction is designed to provide relief for neighborhoods along Figueroa, which police say is the busiest corridor for prostitution in the city.

Prostitutes work the sidewalks in broad daylight, standing on routes used by children to travel to and from school, said Det. Bill Margolis, a 35-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. As pimps seek to protect their turf, prostitution has generated more violent crimes, he said.

"If this kind of activity was occurring in other parts of the city, people would be in an uproar," he said. "They wouldn't stand for it. But this has plagued this neighborhood for years."

Delgadillo now relies on 36 separate injunctions to limit gang activity in neighborhoods stretching from Wilmington to the San Fernando Valley. But the Figueroa proposal, which was filed in court Friday, represents the first effort by the city to use such a tactic to target the illegal sex trade...


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