Monday, April 14, 2008

Solomon Islands: It's an Issue for All of Us

SOLOMON ISLANDS - Eight young girls were caught in a Fishing vessel in a Joint Operation undertaken by the Police, Customs and Quarantine recently.

The eight girls that were caught were just part of a huge number of women and young girls who were lured on to these boats for sex in exchange for cash and fish.

The story of these girls has hit the headlines of all major newspapers in the last couple of days.
It has created controversy and has posed a challenge for a concerted effort from all stakeholders to address this issue effectively.

In a similar case at the Central Market a woman has asked two young girls to follow her to one of these fishing vessels.
The two girls have trusted the woman and accompanied her to the boat.
Arriving at the boat, the woman asked the girls to get on board while she was getting salt fish ready to sell.
When return to the shore with the fish, the woman asked the two girls to wait on the ship to be picked up.
The two girls waited and waited until one of them was lured by an Asian man who had just returned from work...


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