Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scotland: Police Rescue Sex Slaves Trafficked by Chinese Gangs

SCOTLAND - Four Chinese sex slaves who were trafficked into Scotland by 'snakehead' gangsters have been rescued, following a co-ordinated series of raids by police.

The women, in their 20s, were found in two separate properties, after spending thousands of pounds to be smuggled overland to begin a new life in the UK.

Two Chinese males were arrested at the same time and are currently being quizzed on alleged sex and immigration offences.

One police source said yesterday: "This is an excellent result and once again illustrates the insidious extent of the sex trade in Scotland.

"This weekend is the start of Chinese New Year, and for these four girls, the Year of the Rat should be an awful lot happier than recent times that they have endured."

He added: "Girls like these tend to come from very rural and very poor parts of China. They would have been forced to hand over many thousands of pounds to the snakeheads, after being promised jobs here as waitresses, dancers or nannies...

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