Friday, March 28, 2008

Canada: Legalization of Prostitution Debate Video

Danielle Cormier, XPALSS (Ex-Prostitutes Against Legislated Sexual Servitude), participates in the debate.

The legalization of prostitution has been a long neglected topic in the City of Vancouver. It’s time to revisit the question, consider alternatives, and look at solutions once again. The coming 2010 Winter Olympics make the topic especially timely.

How will a mega-event that will bring thousands of tourists to Vancouver affect the sex trade in the city? Will the recent implementation of a sex worker's cooperative help or merely compound the problem and further exploit already marginalized women? Is there a solution to Vancouver's sex trade? What about the trafficking of women? Can a rationale policy that recognizes the multiple dimensions of the sex trade be found?

CLICK HERE to access the debate videos...

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