Sunday, January 6, 2008

UK: Rescued Girls Snatched Back into Prostitution

Twisted fate: children rescued from people-traffickers in the UK are being 'snatched back and forced into prostitution'

UNITED KINGDOM - Hundreds of children rescued from traffickers are being snatched back and forced into prostitution, officials have warned.

A United Nations survey found that out of 330 youngsters saved from criminal gangs in the UK, well over half subsequently went missing from local authority care.

The fear is they were followed and recaptured by their traffickers.

The figures were highlighted by the Conservatives yesterday as they demanded tougher Government action to deal with the horrors of people-trafficking - an industry worth an estimated £5billion a year.

In Britain up to 25,000 foreign women and girls are trapped in a modern form of slavery - smuggled into the country, threatened with violence and forced to work as prostitutes.

Most come from poor countries in search of a better life but find themselves trapped by their debts to gangs and unable to seek protection because they are illegal immigrants.

One prostitute can make more than £100,000 a year profit for her "pimp"...


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