Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wales: Hidden Lives of Sex Slaves

WALES - Tanya, an 18 year-old Lithuanian girl, found herself forced to work as a prostitute in Cardiff after being promised a new life as a hotel waitress. She was trafficked and sold into sexual slavery in London by a police officer from her village. Her new owners then took her to Cardiff and gang-raped her to prepare her for her new job.

Tanya is one of thousands of women who are trafficked into the UK and forced into prostitution each year. Although it is difficult to monitor the exact scale of human trafficking, by 2003 the UK government estimated that 4,000 victims of trafficking for the sex trade were in the UK at any one time. Prostitution and the trafficking of women is the third highest black market income- earner globally, after arms and drugs, and is growing every year.

One or two court cases that involved trafficking for the sex trade had occurred in Cardiff, and I wanted to find out how extensive an issue this was in Wales. I knew our capital city had a bit of a dark underside, but was it true that there were women suffering this brutal existence within a few miles of my home in the city centre? ...

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