Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Netherlands: Parliament Adopts Resolution on 'Comfort Women'

NETHERLANDS - A resolution on "comfort women'' by the Netherlands' lower house reflects rising international condemnation of the Japanese military's sexual enslavement of young women in Asia during World War II. It is encouraging news for the victims of Japanese aggression and brutal colonialism. We welcome the resolution and call on Japan to sincerely repent and apologize for its past atrocities.

On Thursday, the Dutch lower chamber of parliament unanimously passed the resolution urging Japan to apologize for its wartime sex slavery. The resolution also demands that the Japanese government pay compensation to former "comfort women,'' a euphemism for sexual slaves for frontline Japanese troops. It marked the first time that a European country has adopted such a measure.

Hans van Baalen, the sponsor of the resolution, said he cannot condone attempts by former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other Japanese politicians to avoid responsibility for the past brutality. He is a Dutch member of parliament of the liberal People's Party for Freedom and Democracy. It goes without saying that the mobilization of comfort women was the largest human trafficking scheme in the 20th century. Japan should not make any more efforts to deny its wartime misdeeds...


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