Friday, October 12, 2007

Nigeria: Female Prostitution - The Case of Youths in Nasarawa

Prostitution is about the oldest profession known to mankind. It has become a sad tale in the history of the world as several solutions have been proffered on how to stop teenagers from going into the profession. Despite these solutions, the trend is still flourishing most especially in higher institutions across the country. George Okoh writes

NASARAWA, NIGERIA -- The trend is ever becoming more dangerous in Nigeria today as prostitution is no longer a thing of the street and brothels but is fast turning higher institutions in the country into red light districts. Today, the Nasarawa state University is fast gaining a reputation as an abode for girls of easy going virtues despite the high prevalence of HIV/Aids in the country and particularly in Nasarawa State.

Although it most be said that this trend is not peculiar to Nasarawa State University alone as it has crept in to virtually almost all higher institutions in the country today, but what is pertinent to ask is what the school authority is doing about the menace?

It is of common knowledge today to see students of the Nasarawa State University most especially girls of between 18 to 25 years old due to the proximity of the school in Keffi to the federal capital territory Abuja trooping to Abuja for a weekend night out...


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