Friday, October 12, 2007

Israel: Gov't Drafts Plan to Combat Sex Trafficking

ISRAEL -- The government has formulated a multi-faceted plan to fight trafficking in women. Under the plan, it will work to prevent foreign women from being sold into prostitution in Israel, reduce prostitution here and keep Israeli women from being sent abroad to work in the sex industry.

The plan was prepared by a committee including the directors general of nine government ministries, and representatives of the police and anti-women trafficking organizations.

Five teams are now being formed to draft operative steps for the next several months and to calculate the budget needed.

The plan includes 30 measures of prevention, enforcement and protection. It seeks to make monitoring the border with Egypt a top priority - that is where most foreign women are brought into Israel.

Under the plan, the women would be returned safely to their country of origin and would receive medical treatment in Israel if necessary. A PR campaign is to be launched in Israel and in the women's home countries in order to explain the implications for victims of human trafficking...


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