Monday, August 20, 2007

Canada: Trafficking Victim Deported

TORONTO, CANADA -- A Romanian woman who claims she was brought to Canada by human smugglers to work as a prostitute has been temporarily spared deportation after claiming she'll be harmed if sent home.

Monica Streanga, of Toronto, said she could be hurt by the smugglers who want to retaliate against her after ring members were jailed for up to 10 years in Romania.

Even worse, Streanga said she can be forced to return to prostitution if deported.

She appealed to the Federal Court of Canada a deportation order by an immigration officer who said she could obtain state protection in Romania.

Justice Michel Shore agreed with Streanga and halted her removal to Bucharest. He ordered her to undergo another hearing by another panel.

"There's a serious risk to her life or cruel and unusual treatment at the hands of the men who formerly trafficked her into prostitition," Shore said in a decision.

Court heard members of the ring often went to Romanian shelters looking for women who had escaped from them.

"Trafficking involves degradation and sexually based offences," Shore said...


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