Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bangladesh: A Shelter for Trafficked Girls

JESSORE, BANGLADESH--Dhaka Ahsania Mission offers a safe haven for trafficked girls who managed to escape their captors and return home.

At the shelter home near the Indo-Bangladesh border in Jessore, the girls find a safe place to stay, heal and recover as they prepare to rejoin the real world. They receive advice, regain their self-esteem and confidence, learn to sew, paint and build a new life.

Morzina (not a real name), a young girl living in the shelter says, 'My story is a simple one'. 'I got pregnant and had a child by a neighbour who promised to marry me. Shortly after giving birth to the child, the man refused to accept me as his wife. When my stepmother drove me out of house, I managed to find a place to live in but soon started to have financial problems. I could not cope and a woman, a distant relative, suggested that I try working abroad. I thought it might be a good solution for a while until I got back on my feet. The woman took me to Kolkata in India. To my utter astonishment, I found myself locked up in a house during the day and forced to go out with clients at night. Finally, a kind man helped me escape back to Bangladesh.'

'I am so mad at myself that I let myself befooled by all kinds of empty promises,' says Morzina. 'I believed all kinds of lies'...


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