Monday, May 21, 2007

Las Vegas: Brothel Bust in Million $ Neighborhood

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Metro vice officers raid an alleged brothel in a million-dollar neighborhood overnight. And tonight, police are investigating whether the women inside may be victims of human trafficking.

On the heels of a lengthy prostitution investigation known as "Operation Doll House," Metro vice officers have raided 10 suspected brothels in the last few weeks. They tell the I-Team that the one last night in a half-million-dollar home appears to be the largest operation.

Metro investigators said that when they searched the house near Rainbow and Oakey, they found a suspected prostitute and "john" engaged. The home, they say, had all the hallmarks of a brothel -- a bed in every room, condoms, timers and lots of cash. Passports found inside indicate the men and women all came from Asia. Police arrested two people on prostitution charges..


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