Monday, April 30, 2007

Pres. Candidate, Senator Clinton Offers Stand on Prostitution

Reno Gazette-Journal reporter Ray Hagar talked for 10 minutes with Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York. During their conversation she spoke about her opinion of prostitution in general:

Q: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has called Nevada's system of legalized prostitution "repugnant." You are a big advocate for women's rights so would you offer an opinion on Nevada's system of legalized prostitution?

Clinton: "I do not approve of legalized prostitution or any kind of prostitution. It is something that I personally believe is demeaning to women. I have worked against it and I have certainly taken a very strong stand against what happens in many parts of the world where young girls and women are forced into prostitution against their wills. I understand Nevada has a regulated system and it is within the authority of the state. So that is not a federal issue that we will have any role to play in when I am president. But I would obviously speak out against prostitution and try to persuade women that it is not --- even in a regulated system -- necessarily a good way to try to make a living. Let's try to find other jobs that can be there for women who are looking for a good way to support themselves and their families."


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