Monday, March 19, 2007

UK: Home Sect. Reid to Combat Trafficking

The UK's Home Secretary John Reid

UNITED KINGDOM -- The Home Secretary will this week announce plans for a crackdown on trafficking gangs who force thousands of women and children into prostitution and forced labour.

John Reid will also sign the European Convention on Human Trafficking, which commits signatories to tackling the traffickers and helping victims to recover from their ordeals and give evidence against their captors. The UK Action Plan on Human Trafficking, to be announced on Friday, will set up a network of refuges and support services for trafficking victims in towns and cities across the UK.

There is currently only one Government-funded refuge for women who escape from the gangs. Ministers say many more are urgently needed because of the "alarming" scale of the trade described as "21st century slavery". There is mounting concern over the growing number of child slaves being brought to the UK...


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