Thursday, March 22, 2007

Looking for 'Girls Gone Wild,' Finding 'Girls Gone' Instead

This is how it works: you enter a search query at Google or Yahoo or MSN and then you are supplied with a mega-list of websites that have something to do with your search query. Webmasters use this "search phrase" info to know how users are accessing their sites and then to develop their site's content accordingly to snag even more users searching for a particularly popular phrase.

Our blog which is all about the seriousness of sex trafficking and sex slavery--the education on, the combating of, how politics, economy and society drive trafficking, tragic victim stories, government initiatives to end trafficking and so forth--is most often found by internet users searching for "Girls Gone Wild".

That's right--people looking for amateur video exploitation of often underage drunk girls flashing nudity and making out with each other sometimes end up finding us instead.
GIRLS that have GONE missing because of trafficking. GIRLS that have GONE insane from being treated like a WILD animal. GIRLS whose childhoods are GONE forever because they were sold into sex slavery.

Good, I'm glad they end up here: those GGW oglers, and all the other users who search for things like "teen rape" and "live forced rape videos" and "preteen girl sex" and "child sex" and "wild sex video" and "teen prostitutes" and end up here. Maybe they will learn something...

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