Thursday, February 8, 2007

Las Vegas: Anti-Trafficking Task Force Forms

Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, and
sex trafficking thrives in this type of permissive environment

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Women and children being forced to work as prostitutes on the streets or in brothels throughout the valley. It's called human trafficking and it's a huge problem here in southern Nevada. The victims are usually children or women, lured to Las Vegas with the promise of a new life.

That's why on Tuesday, Metro, along with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, announced a new anti-trafficking task force. The goal is to establish services for these victims and put the people responsible behind bars.

"This could be considered a brothel. A lot of places like this are just that, a facade."

Metro Vice Sergeant Andy Legro is talking about the massage parlors that we see all over the Las Vegas Valley. "You'll see them pop up all over the place and it's just a way of luring people in for a little rub. Maybe they do get a massage, but then it's always brought to the patron's attention, 'hey would you like a little extra?'"

In this operation, Metro has sent an undercover officer into a massage parlor to see if it's legit. In most cases, Legro says the masseuse always offers more.

The hard part for Metro isn't busting the women who are offering sexual favors for money, it's finding the people who have forced them into this life of prostitution...


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