Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kenya: An Inside Look at Trafficker's Schemes

NAIROBI, KENYA -- When police arrested a Sri Lankan national for overstretching his visit in Kenya on November 28, 2006, they had no idea how well-oiled his human trafficking racket was.

The man, claiming to be a businessman, bragged to his victims of his connections with powerful individuals and how he was receiving special treatment in police custody as he awaited appearance in court on charges of being in the country illegally.

He went on to claim that there was little that could be done to him; that he would soon be out, travel to Sri Lanka and return to continue the racket.

This is the story told by six of his Sri Lankan victims, who had been stranded at a two-room shack at Kiserian trading centre -relying on the generosity of well-wishers and neighbours for basic survival - before they were deported.


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