Monday, January 8, 2007

Atlanta: A Young Woman Escapes from City's Sex Slave Trade

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- When three young girls walked over and handed a wad of cash to the driver of the green Cadillac, the 14-year-old girl in the back seat was paying attention.
The cash seemed like a fortune to her: $789.

Trey, the driver, glanced at Nicole, the girl in the back: “Know how long they’ve been working?” he asked, gesturing to the girls standing in the parking lot of the auto parts store on Metropolitan Parkway. “Three hours. That’s the house note right there,” he laughed.

Then he climbed into the back seat and looked Nicole dead in the eyes. Just a day earlier, Trey had picked up Nicole from a gas station near Greenbriar Mall, taken her to a party and let her spend the night at his house. That day, he’d taken her on a shopping trip and outfitted her in low-cut jeans, a tight T-shirt and flashy shoes. The heels were so high, Nicole could barely walk in them.

“I’m not no fool,” he told her. “I know you ran away from someone because since I picked you up, you ain’t called nobody to tell ’em you’re OK. You're young and you have nowhere to go. You’re on Metropolitan and you have no money. You're fixing to work.”

And that's how Nicole became one of the legions of underage Atlanta girls forced into sex for money. Which should come as no surprise: The appalling fact is that Atlanta does a booming business in selling children’s bodies for sex, according to a study commissioned by the Atlanta Women’s Agenda, which advises Mayor Shirley Franklin.


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