Tuesday, December 5, 2006

San Diego: Former Teen Prostitute Speaks Out

Former teen prostitute who began prostituting at age 11 tells her story to San Diego's 10 News

SAN DIEGO -- It is a sobering reality walking San Diego’s streets -- young girls, many barely teenagers, working as prostitutes.

10News met with a young woman who spent most of her teenage years as a prostitute.

“A lot of the girls I knew have ended up dead,” said 19-year-old Sarah.

For Sarah, the streets are paved with haunting memories. Two years ago, she left the only profession she had ever known -- prostitution.

“I would walk back and forth on the streets,” said Sarah.

Sarah took 10News to El Cajon Boulevard and one of the corners she worked since she began walking the streets at age 11.

Like so many teen prostitutes, Sarah said she ran away from a troubled home and into a life that earned her plenty of cash.

“On a good night, I made $1,200. Sometimes, I could push myself to $1,500,” said Sarah. “It was crazy. Money was the most addictive part. It was insane.”

The money was even better online, where Sarah said she eventually drummed up most of her business.

She posted ads on Web sites like Craigslist, using a fake age and enticing language designed not to incriminate.

One of Sarah’s ads read, “Looking for a good time, discreet encounter or casual business relations.”

Eventually, those relations proved risky.

Besides being arrested once, Sarah was also raped and was routinely attacked.

“I’ve had guns to my head, Tasers, knives to my eyeballs,” she said.

But Sarah admitted it wasn’t only fear of violence that forced her out of the business, but another fear.

“I didn’t want to get stuck, and I saw myself getting there,” said Sarah.


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  1. my daughter is involved in this same world. I live in fear every breath. I know whereabouts these people are but now that im aware of the different knowledge about these sick people my child thinks of them as her family and now she is 18