Monday, May 1, 2006

UC Irvine Conference Discusses Asian Trafficking Victims

The Asian-Pacific Student Association hosted its 21st annual Asian Pacific-American Awareness Conference titled “Making Waves: Locating Progress and Inciting Change” last Saturday at UC Irvine, hosted in part by The Gabriela Network.

One of the main topics discussed was sex trafficking, with some shocking facts revealed. According to Jollene Levid, one of the conference organizers:
Ever since the Western world came to Asia, the inability to stop the flow of trafficking has not been a new phenomenon because mainstream media, such as pornography, has normalized it. Sex trafficking involves the worldwide selling of women and children as prostitutes, domestic workers and mail-order brides. Last year, 750,000 Filipina women were trafficked to 168 countries. Of these, 150,000 were driven to Japan’s geisha strip and 5,000 were sent out as mail-order brides.

Currently, the number one export from the Philippines is women. The coffins of approximately five women who die abroad as a result of trafficking are imported every day.

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