Thursday, May 4, 2006

Germany Bans Journalists From Red Light District

With the increase in media interest following the purported increase in prositutution during the World Cup in Germany this summer, officials in Cologne have already started to ban journalists from the red light district in this city.

The UK's Guardian Unlimited reports today:
The German city of Cologne has banned foreign press from its red light district in the run-up to the football World Cup, after prostitutes complained about journalists chasing away their customers since British media reports raised global interest in local "drive-in brothels".

Robert Kilp, the head of the city's public affairs department, said if a journalist was caught filming in the area the tape would be removed and a warning issued, but if he or she was caught a second time the consequences would be more serious.

"The second time we will be really angry. This zone is owned by the city of Cologne and is not considered a public street," Mr Kilp said.

"Anyone filming or taking pictures there will be liable to prosecution. Prostitutes are having sexual intercourse in cars there, it is not a good thing to be filming."

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