Monday, May 1, 2006

Brent Wilkes Sent Up for Sex Trafficking?

Brent Wilkes, defense contractor and Bush supporter who was recently involved in the ongoing Cunningham Scandal AKA "hookergate" in Washington D.C. was the subject of a recent post in Laura Rozen's blog War and Piece:
A question on the limo service retained by Brent Wilkes getting a $21.2 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security last year, despite the fact that its owner apparently has a 62-page rap sheet which reporter Ken Silverstein has obtained. Until now we've been hearing a lot about congressmen from the appropriations and intel committees specifically cultivated by Wilkes and Wade. So, this DHS contract makes one wonder: who on the Homeland Security committee might have steered business to Shirlington? Anyone at the poker parties?

P.S. A lawyer/reader writes, "This may prove to be the most important paragraph in today's San Diego Tribune story about hookergate":

Two of Wilkes' former business associates say they were present on several occasions when Shirlington Limousine & Transportation Service of northern Virginia brought prostitutes to the suite. They say they did not see lawmakers in the suites on those occasions, though both had heard rumors of congressmen bringing women to the rooms.

"The limousine company was in Virginia and, it appears, it transported prostitutes across state lines into the District of Columbia. That's a federal crime - and one that's in an entirely different class than merely providing an illegal gratuity to a congressmen. If Wilkes is convicted of sex trafficking, he'll face significant jail time. More importantly for him, such a conviction will affect where he serves time - sex traffickers don't go to minimum security work camps - they go to, at best, medium security prisons."

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