Thursday, April 13, 2006

Women Resort to Prostitution to Pay for Life Expenses in Yemen


In an article on the News Yemen website, reports that a recent study, the first of its kind in Yemen, found that many women are forced into prostitution for lack of better options.

The article reveals staggering figures of the numbers of women involved in prostitution in Yemen:
The study clarified that those who practice prostitution resort to it because of their lack of money to cover personal and family expenses, including the men’s expenses.

The study indicated that the ages of the majority of those practicing prostitution vary between 18-23. 5.8% are widows, 23.5% divorcees, and the majority is unemployed. 41% are single, 29.4% are married. Those who are married undertake prostitution because their wages are not sufficient. 11.7% work for phone cards. 5.8% are students.

The study added that a large percentage of them are illiterate. Only 35.3% can write and 29.5% can read. This indicates the low level of education among such women. 11.7% are in high school, and 23.5% obtained elementary educations.

Half of the subjects’ father’s have died according to the study. 11.7% of the fathers are still living, however 52.9% of these fathers live far away from home. 23.5% of the mothers of these women are dead, and 35.4% have both parents living. Of these families 5.9% have divorced parents, 11.7% have a mother who is sick, 52.9% have mothers who have remarried. 63.6% have more than two brothers, and 27.3% have three to four brothers, and 9.1% of them have more than this. This indicates that the interviewees prostitute themselves in order to help pay for their unemployed brothers and for qat and medical treatment.

The study stated that the majority of these women resisted prostitution in the beginning, but then submitted for the necessity of paying for qat and telephone cards.

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