Thursday, April 27, 2006

Well, It's a Start...


In a recent report from the UK's Guardian Unlimited online entitled "'Porn site' film urges men to report sex trafficking" , we learn that Crimestoppers in the UK have made a "fake" porn site to educate men surfing for porn about having sex with prostitutes who may be trafficking victims.

From the article:
The film is part of, which has been designed to look like a pornography site, with a link reading "click here to view beautiful young slaves".

[Crimestoppers] hopes men surfing the web for porn or contact details for escort services will view the film, which depicts the misery of trafficked women, and feel compelled to tip off Crimestoppers if they visit brothels in which such women are working.
View the film here (includes partial nudity): These Girls Really Suffer

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