Friday, April 14, 2006

Special Post: Debate Over Anti-Trafficking Funds

A US Federal court is currently hearing arguments concerning revisions to its anti-trafficking grants policy that would require NGO's adhere to an "anti-prostitution loyalty oath" in order to receive funds. Currently this requirement is enforced for international organizations receiving money from the US, now US NGO's are also to be provided with the same requirements.

There are two very heated arguments over this issue among feminist groups. In a nutshell: those feminist groups (including Captive Daughers & Equality Now) that oppose the legalization and unionization of prostitution in any form which we believe fuels the demand for trafficking of women and girls; and those feminist groups who see the requirement as an impediment to the HIV/AIDS and anti-trafficking work that they are already doing.

For an excellent outline of both sides of this debate, see Jennifer Friedlin's article on Women's eNews: Debate Roars Over Anti-Trafficking Funds.

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