Monday, March 13, 2006

Sex Trafficking at World Cup 2006


As the World Cup trophy circles the globe on a multi-country tour preceding soccer's biggest event this summer, so too is the word spreading that the event, held this year in Germany, could attract gangs trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation, as The Irish Examiner reports today.

An Irish member of Parliament, Simon Coveney, 33, is spreading the message:
"It is vital that the message goes out to anyone that will be in Germany during the World Cup that trafficking people, primarily young girls, into forced prostitution is wrong, and that if they see a young girl or boy hanging around a hotel lobby and their intuition tells them that something is wrong that they report it.

“Human trafficking is a modern day form of slavery. It’s the third largest source of income for organised crime, after trafficking in drugs and arms.”

Mr. Coveny is the founder of Business Travellers against Human Trafficking, an organization started to educate business travelers about the illegal trade, and to provide a place to report trafficking in humans. He encourages anyone attending the World Cup this summer to report suspected sex trafficking via the Business Travellers against Human Trafficking website.

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