Monday, March 13, 2006

Mexican Writer Jailed for Exposing Child-Sex Ring


Lydia Cacho, a Mexican writer and well-known feminist, filed criminal complaints on Monday against the Puebla state governor, a judge, prosecutors and a local businessman, accusing them of plotting her arrest in retaliation for her book, Los Demonios del Edén, about a child sex ring.

Reuters reports today:
Cacho filed the complaints against Gov. Mario Marin, Puebla factory owner Kamel Nacif, the state prosecutor and a judge, among others, over her December arrest on charges of defaming Nacif.

She accused them with abuse of power, torture, attempted rape and other crimes and said Marin should resign or be stripped of immunity from prosecution to face the charges.

Her book suggests that Nacif and other powerful figures helped protect businessman Jean Succar, who is being held in Arizona awaiting extradition to Mexico on child pornography and prostitution charges in Cacho's home city of Cancun.

Cacho, 42, who runs a women's shelter in Cancun and has edited an alternative women's magazine, called for an investigation into the forced prostitution of minors in Cancun and a network of power she says protects child molesters.

For a full timeline on her travails, see Reporters Without Borders.

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