Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blowing the Whistle on Trafficking in Germany

To add to the previous post on sex trafficking during the World Cup this summer in Germany, we learn that the European Parliament, in an aggressive effort to educate World Cup attendees, is backing the German Women's Council in launching the "Final Whistle--Stop Forced Prostitution" initiative.

The German newspaper, Spiegel reports last week that this new initiative will plaster bathrooms, soccer pitches and metro areas with posters about sex trafficking this summer in Germany.

In a related effort, the EU is tightening Visa requirements to stymie illegal trafficking into Germany, the EU Observer reports.

There are 400,000 legal prostitutes working in Germany, and officials estimate an additional 40,000 will travel to the country during the World Cup. And that many more may be illegally trafficked to meet the demand.

The EU estimates that more than 200,000 women were trafficked into Europe in 2004.



  1. Hi, this is good news. While not exactly on topic - discussion of EU and Germany led me to think about sex tourism. Could you or someone out there update me on current status of operations like 'Big Apple Tours' and other sex tour companies? Is legislation better these days? More successful prosecution?

  2. rg--thanks for your comment. For a current update on Big Apple Oriental Tours, please see the Wikipedia entry about them, it includes links to the latest info from Equality Now (the group who originally pushed for prosecution).