Monday, March 27, 2006

50 Arrested Under the UK's Operation Pentameter

One of the posters from the Operation Pentameter campaign

The Telegraph in Britain reports yesterday that 50 people were arrested for operating a sex trafficking ring, forcing women from Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, China, Brazil and Zimbabwe into sexual slavery.

In an aggressive effort to combat this "21st Century Slavery" the United Kingdom launched "Operation Pentameter" last month to crack down on sex traffickers in Britain, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. This operation will target and prosecute organized crime members; educate men in an effort to reduce demand; and focus on finding and freeing those victims forced under false pretenses into sexual slavery.

As part of this operation, ports and airports with traffic arriving from Eastern European countries are being closely monitored by police, and arriving travelers will be given a small card with information of who to call if they fear they've been sex trafficked. Additionally, posters will be hung, including a helpline phone number, asking these questions in a variety of languages:
- Do you know where your journey is leading?
- Do you have your passport?
- Do you know who you are meeting?
- Did you arrange your own travel?

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